Da Troilo a Troilo - Garras

Garras” means “claws”, scratching and tearing the heart, which they cling to avoid falling and which leave marks on the skin.
Garras is the title of a song by Anibal Troilo, the Pichuco, one of the greatest myths of Tango, author of some of the most famous songs. The Tango is both a popular and classical music, which began as a dance, but the poetical richness of the lyrics have given it a vocal repertoire of evocative intensity. The  intimate and confidential language, is capable of inducing liberating abandonment. It is love betrayed, consuming passion, friendship, weaknesses, dreams, blood, rain.
The group consisting of the voice of Daniela Troilo,
the piano of Primiano Di Biase and the accordion of Mauro Menegazzi, performs music by Anibal Troilo and the classics of porteño repertoire of authors such as Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, following the evolution of music that still has much to tell and that is well suited into the rhythmic and melodic elaboration of jazz - a training environment as now proposed by these musicians.