Wait and see

“May the days be aimless.
Let the seasons drift.
Do not advance the action according to a plan”.

White Noise, Don DeLillo

…gazing with curiosity towards abysses and stars.…
Wait and see is a phrase that could adapt to any piece proposed in this album.
The original songs in the cd, my compositions are the result of different musical experiences between jazz, fusion and pop.
Each piece has been evoked by novels that I have loved, translated into songs.

I have sought to express the characteristic oneiric and ironic aspects in the music, hence the title “Wait and see”, alluding to the active interest and curiosity inherent in the acceptance of what happens.
There is the story of Pontius Pilato (as recounted by MA Bulgakov in Master and Margarita); which after almost two thousand years, sees him tormented, and on awaking says: “It was just a dream, it never happened” until Satan will have mercy on him and will help him to change the course of history.
The wind of Macondo (the country imagined by G. Garcia Marquez), which with increasing violence, gives rise to memories and nostalgia, and then like time, deletes them mercilessly.

You ca’t help that, a logical suggestion that the hallucinated Cheshire Cat, who habitually helps neither the good nor the bad, gives to Alice: “You must be mad, or you would not have come here”.
The other songs are poems. Song by Emily J. Brontë: “I know thine eye would never smile, while mine grieved, willingly; yet I know thine eye for ever could not weep in simpathy”.  Upon all fours, or “The lady's first song” of William B. Yeats, and the look of disillusioned Charles Bukowski with Alone with everybody.
Jazz standards that I wanted to sing are the famous ballad You’ve changed (B. Carey / C. Fischer) and Blue (J. Hendricks / G. Mahones) less well known, but a most beautiful color, and then She’s leaving home by The Beatles in an arrangement of Fabrizio Cardosa.
I have made the arrangements and harmonies of my songs myself. I decided to over-dub my voice for greater harmonic fusion.
The musicians who participated in this project, Alessandro Gwis (piano), Pierpaolo Ranieri (bass) and Lucrezio De Seta (drums) succeeded in animating each story, with skill and sophisticated taste, always keeping in balance just the right irony and melancholy, lightness and depth; exploring and embellishing with enthusiasm each song offered.